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Testimonies of those who have worked with us:

Christine Samo, N.Y.
You were there 8 years ago at a time when I didn't know the Healer as I do today. Your faith ignited mine. You were there as a friend, support and life line at a time when our lives were ripped apart. You helped usher us toward the light that is Christ and our lives are changed because of Him and because of you're love, prayers and attention. Knowing that this vision of yours will come to pass, praying for continued wisdom and excited to see it unfold!

 Reverend Susan Fierro Illiano, Fla.
It is with great expectation I join my friend and sister in Christ as a board member of the Lambs A.R.C. I have seen the fruit of her labor of love for the children and the families we ministered to at church and the many doors the Lord has opened for her. I consider myself a student of hers, she has opened up the actor in me enabling me to bring my bible studies and sermons to life. I have seen children grow in their faith as she brought the Bible to life via songs, raps, skits, puppets and games. I look forward to what the Lord will do as the vision comes to fulfillment.

Melissa Salmonese Camardesi, N.Y.
Both My daughter and I are truly blessed to have had your Guidance toward the Lord. You have been a truly remarkable acting coach for my daughter. You have given her so much more than just help with her acting skills, You have given her strength and reason to believe that all is possible through our Lord. She will carry that Guidance within her heart forever!

The Lamb's A.R.C. Traveling Church & Evangelistic School Of The ARTS.

As we are a Traveling Church & School we do not have an address we partner with Churches and visit their sites.

Please contact us at: LambsARC@aol.com

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