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For those who contacted me and told me they could not purchase the book from certain devices here is the new updated info:
Cafe' Beat is now available on amazon through any mobile device.
It is also available from create a space from your computer and some tablets, no cell phones.
I appreciate all the likes and reviews on Amazon thanks so much for the outpouring of love and support.
For those interested I am available to visit your church and speak and share and do readings this summer, workshops and teachings with this curriculum, workbook, journal, devotional. ( Book is for adults to older teens, but can be converted into a child's curriculum for ages 8 and up.)
God Bless you all.

Book Release coming this summer on Amazon and Kindle Available in the U.S. Europe U.K. and Canada


Flowing with the Heartbeat of God

God has inspired musicians, singers, craftsmen, painters, sculptors, poets, and countless other artists for millennia. God Himself is the greatest creator of all, and the arts is perhaps one of the purest forms of worship.

Café Beat: Flowing with the Heartbeat of God is a daily devotional for those with a desire to create in God, by using the arts of all genres. It is also for people who long to explore the ability to create and take the ordinary and make it extraordinary in God. This book can help strengthen your relationship with God and teach you how to

• explore God’s word,
• gain a deeper understanding of what it means to eat of His “daily bread,”
• revel in God's word in a way that is interactive and fun,
• explore different versions and translations of the Bible, and
• find a new and exciting way of taking in all that God has for you.

Worshipping God can be fun and should fill you with hope and wonder. God created us so that we may go forth and create. When you paint, He holds the brush; when you write, He gives the words and they take on life in Him; when you sing, He carries the tune. There are so many ways to express yourself, and there are just as many ways to love God.

Gayle Gabriella Lamb Rabinowitz has worked in the performing arts for more than thirty years. She is the lead Pastor of The Lamb’s A.R.C. (Actors & Artists Remembering Christ) Traveling Church & Evangelistic School of the Arts, and is an ordained minister. Her ministry uses the arts for God’s glory, "by taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary in Him." She is a New York native and now lives on Staten Island.

But now, O LORD, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand.—Isaiah 64:8

God isn’t just our creator—He is an artist. He has crafted a beautiful world populated with beautiful creatures, and His creations are themselves capable of creating more beauty. What better way to honor God than to utilize your God-given creativity!

Café Beat: Flowing with the Heartbeat of God is a daily guide that can help you lend your creativity to the glory of God. Author Gayle Gabriella Lamb Rabinowitz offers biblical wisdom and examples from her own life to show how one can express God’s love through the arts.

We all have the gift of creation, and God wants us to use this gift. It is through creative expression in Him, that we may come to a better understanding ourselves and strengthen our connection with God.